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  Jesus fulfilment of Noah and the Ark

Jesus fulfilled Noah and the Ark, with the feeding of the five thousand men, where, after His disciples gathered the twelve baskets of the fragmented bread, straightaway, immediately, He put them on a boat (Ark?) and sent His disciples into a storm. Representing that after they had received the spiritual knowledge, had perplexed their mind, this is why Mark 6:52 states clearly; that they did not (know) understand of the bread, (as yet).

And it was necessary for Christ to open their mind to understand the scriptures, which are metaphorically explained with the two on their way to Emmaus. Which mean 'hot or warm bath' (loutro Eph.5: 26) and referring to the renewal of the mind. Luke 24:13, where one disciple is named and the other one is not, as if he were invisible, who were 60 stadia from Jerusalem, why 60 stadia, and what does it really represent?

The Ark was on the waters for 150 days, which equal five months, which equal five loaves, the 5000 men obviously represent angels or angelic messages, (seed) referring to heavenly knowledge that Christ was feeding His disciples from above. And not beings with wings that could fly, but messengers, referring to spiritual messages, Jesus wasn't feeding any ordinary people, it is only a natural story, but with spiritual meanings.

The 5 months of-course, signify the five loaves, (one loaf of bread was to be offered each month), for one to reach the 50th day, fifty tenths of the manna, which equal five, and to be born from water, which become 500, (tithing all the way) signifying the great, great Sabbath.

500 saw Him ascend and 500 shall see Him descend

This is why Paul said 500 saw Him ascend, but the same way you see Him ascend, the same way you shall see Him descend. Meaning that 500 saw Him ascend and 500 shall see Him descend, 500+500=1000 pointing to the 1000 years, but the 500 become 5000, because we are tithing all the way.

Why do you think that Noah was 500 when he bore seed, when he bore three sons, when we read the meaning of the names of his sons, we can see the interpretation. Shem, which mean 'name' Ham, which mean, 'burnt by fire' or 'hot' and Japheth, which mean, 'enlargement'.

Which we read like this: I shall give you a new name, burnt by fire (baptism of water and by the Spirit) through enlargement, increase in the Knowledge of God. Which has nothing to do with three people as such, but with Noah himself (the seed of Noah - fruits) and as a teaching, the three to one proportion, the three spiritual levels of the knowledge of God, not forgetting that Noah was a preacher of righteousness.

Ekklesia the called out

What is the testimony of anyone today, I go to a meeting and read and sing? What does it actually mean, to have abundant knowledge of the word, I can read the book much better? If one could read the book backwards it would not make any difference.

The testimony represents the spiritual knowledge and understanding of the Word of God, even the word 'Ekklesia' has been misunderstood, which it has nothing to do with a building, but man himself, from the Hellenic, meaning the 'called out'. Out of Egypt 'the world' and into the wilderness, 'dedication and devotion' to be taught of God, this is why it is written: he who hears and learns of the father comes unto me. John 6:45.

Why aren't the Jews offering sacrifices anymore, why have they stopped? Everything was a shadow of things to come, till all the knowledge of man had increased in all directions and also dimensions. (A new and living way)

The journeys of Paul

The same with the journeys of Paul especially his journey to Rome, what is the spiritual teaching for anyone apart from an historical event, and as far as we are concerned he could have flown by the Israeli airlines, what does it teach me spiritually, especially today?

Because there is no way that Luke, would have gone to all the trouble to describe Paul's journeys in such a detail, if it had no spiritual meaning and significance and presentation.

Why did the second Alexandrine ship cast four anchors and why did they throw the wheat into the sea and why was Paul bitten by a serpent, while gathering wood and why was the ship caught between two seas, where on board of the second ship, were 276 souls? Why was the third ship Alexandrine also, and why did it carry the flag of the twin brothers, and why was he by the three taverns or three tabernacles?

But for a moment let's look into the Hellenic mythology about the twin brothers, (Dioskouri) Castor and Pollux, two brothers one mortal and the other immortal, which were both sons of Zeus, the father god. When the mortal brother died, the immortal one asked his father to bring (resurrect) his brother to live with him. (Zeus by the way means, the living one from 'ZoŽ' = life). Which proves that all things and all knowledge comes from God the Creator of all things, even mythology, which in depth has much meaning.

Unless we can receive these answers, the journeys of Paul shall remain a puzzle, because as I've mentioned, while we read a natural event, behind the natural though and in cryptic lay hidden, spiritual knowledge and understanding.

Let me give you an example in the case where Paul was delivered unto one named Julius a centurion from the band of Augustus. Acts 27:1.

Can anyone really, explain in these few lines the spiritual meaning of the one named Julius the centurion, who was from the band of Augustus? Perhaps I shouldn't explain it and leave it to the so-called preachers and religious leaders of our times to explain it.

The thing is, not in a million years would anyone figure out the cryptic of this passage. No, I will repeat it yet once more, the scriptures are not physical but spiritual and only spiritually they could be discerned and they cannot be taken just literally, where all roads must lead to Rome, which is but a metaphor.

Paul's Journey to Rome

Fig 7

What does the Ark really represent?

Well, hard to be believed, but the Ark is no more than the head and mind of a man, on one level, but on another it represents the Tabernacle in the wilderness and on another level, it represents the cross and the tree of life.

The Tabernacle is one third of the distance of the Ark, 100x50x30, taking into consideration: that twenty boards by one and a half cubits equals 30. This is one of the reasons that it was made of the same wood; but not just because of that, but through the spiritual knowledge and of all the evidence given by the Word. So, the Ark is not a 450x75x45 feet cargo ship as everyone is made to believe, which has disappeared into thin air, but a means of teaching and just the same with the Ark of the Covenant and all the Holy vessels.

The Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant represents the heart and mind of the disciple and not an object, this is why the Ark was divided into four chambers, just the same with the heart of a man, which is made of four chambers also. And for the fact that on top of the Ark of the Covenant were two Cherubs, the two guardians of the tree of life, in the holiest, which represents one man walking between good and evil.

Also the Holy place divided to the north and to the south, the bread was on the north side and the Menorah on the south, signifying the two hemispheres of one's brain and mind.

Why was the Ark finished one cubit from the top? Because it represents the Tabernacle, which was finished one cubit from the ground, (the linen cloth) is like looking on the Ark, upside down. By the way in the Hellenic the ark is called 'a box' 'Keevotos'.

Which was made in rooms, the truth is it was made up of 150 rooms, 'hidden knowledge' metaphorically. Why do you think that David wrote 150 psalms?

The New Covenant

This is why the New Covenant Hebrews 8:10. I shall put my laws in your mind and write them in your heartÖ In the Ark there were the tablets with the law, the golden pot with the manna, the budded staff of Aaron, and as it is understood by the spirit of the word, which is also believed by the Jews. In the fourth chamber there were the fragments of the broken tablets, the ones written by the hand of the Lord. Which Moses smashed, which is very relevant to the understanding of the scriptures, the Mosaic, representing the hidden knowledge, the body of Christ.

There is so much to say about the Ark, but I will not go into great depths at the moment, but the truth of the hidden meanings of the Word shall be given to all those who truly seek the riches in Christ.